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Vernon Spindler, Chapter President

June   2002   -   President's   Perspective

Dear Jaycees:

Well, if you haven't heard yet ---WE'RE #2 in the STATE of INDIANA for the 1st Trimester!!!!! Way to go and CONGRATULATIONS to all of the Princeton Jaycees!!!! We ARE making a difference in our community and we are helping each other to become leaders in that same community.

What an accomplishment we have made by working together as a team this first Trimester. We received LOTS of other awards to be sure and come to the next meeting on June 6th and take a look at all the WOOD!!! We are going to have a celebratory cookout before the meeting so bring yourself (and a friend if you know anyone who might be sitting home and hungry.) Everyone is welcome.

The time is now to join the Jaycees and be a part of the greatest young people's leadership organization in the world. Be sure and invite someone to be a Jaycee this month. We have grown bigger each month and as our numbers grow, so can our influence on the community!

The month of June will prove to be another busy one. We have scheduled the Family Bowling Night on June 2nd at the Oakland City Bowling alley hosted by our own member and alley owner, Michelle Modafari-Corn. So everybody bring your kids and bowl and eat pizza starting at 4pm.

As I have said we'll have the Cookout before the meeting on June 6th. After the meeting we will also be having a Jaycee Storytime Membership Night. (This is also the actual day that Tiffany Copley is due so it may be some little guy's birthday as well. Our thoughts will be with her that day. Of course he may be here before that night, too. I know Tiffany is ready ANYTIME as long as it's soon.)

June 8th is the Region 7 Summer Social of "Luau on the Lake" sponsored by us (the Princeton Jaycees). Kris Hamilton is chairing this project and will be needing help with decorating and coordinating so please volunteer to assist her. Please let her know if you're coming so we can get a good count of how many of Princeton's people will be there. Again, this would be a great time to invite a friend to show them what the Jaycees are all about. The cost is $6.00 per person with a meat tray and non alcoholic drinks included in the cost. It'll be a tropically great time and so be sure to hula your way to Lake Gibson and enjoy the socializing.

Next on June 20th after the meeting, we will be having the highly anticipated "Sweet Sounds of the Dulcimer" presentation by Mitzi Ricketts who is a member of the Southern Hollow Dulcimer and Folk Group ( as well as being Kelly and Kris and new member Regina Rose's mother).

We are also planning to present the Shooter's Education presentation this month and Patty Wildt will be giving more about that. Kelly and Patty will be putting up Blood Drive Flyers for the blood drive on June 3rd and Scott Hartman will be putting the flags up for Flag Day on June 14th. Both of these are ongoing projects and any of them would appreciate any help offered.

WHEW!! We are surely busy but we ARE making a difference! Great Job, Princeton Jaycees!!!

Believing in you!

Vernon Spindler, 25th President 386-6775

Vernon Spindler

PO Box 551
Princeton, IN 47670

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