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Pop Tabs for Ronald McDonald House

Jaycees are Collecting Pop Tabs for Ronald McDonald House

Come to the meeting and bring your pop tabs. The person who collects the most by November 2, 2000 will win a special prize. Derek Barton is chairing this project. Contact him at 749-6220 for more info.

Who can participate?

You, in addition many schools support this project - using it as a learning tool to teach Math concepts, recycling and environmental lessons, and a spirit of belonging to a larger community of people. Service organization and club members can participate as a means of earning service badges. Other participants joining in the effort include individuals, churches, synogogues, and businesses. Groups of all ages can save tabs to help the environment and help children in need.

Why collect only the tabs?

Pop tabs are easy to collect and allow for any individual or community organization to participate. The program provides a terrific opportunity for children to get involved and make a genuine contribution to the Ronald McDonald House. Tabs are also smaller and cleaner than aluminum cans enabling the Ronald McDonald House to handle the large volume they receive.

How can you get involved?

Collect tabs and bring them to the meeting.

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