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Princeton Jaycees 1999-2000 New Members


"Thanks to you our chapter continues to grow in size and positive community impact.

January 1999
Mark Lathom

February 1999
Lori Seifers
Diane Gibson
April Periard

March 1999
Travis Genet
Terry Smith
Charles Scott

April 1999
Todd McConnell
Jeremy Rainey
Russell Butts
Brian Stillwell
Lisa Hart
Rick Reneer

May 1999
Debbie Hack
Bryan Jaquimai
Greg Wright

June 1999
Leafy Ice

October 1999
Stephanie Collins

November-December 1999
Mark Clark
Bradley Schmitt
Jack Hicks
Robert Gibson III

January 2000
Debra Brown
Steve Christian
Tommy Willis

August 2000
Kelly Ricketts

September 2000
Erica Griesemer

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