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Jaycee Week Celebration - January 17-23, 1999

Now for the updates concerning Jaycee Week events!

Jaycee Week is a celebration of our organizations birthday. Update: Great job Sharon Marshall for coordinating this festive week.

January 17th Sunday -- St. Joe Church Visitation - 7:45 a.m. at the church. Update: Spirits were uplifted and songs were sung as we paid tribute to the first line of our Jaycee Creed... "Faith in God gives meaning and purpose to human life."

January 17th Sunday -- Movie Night - 7:00 p.m. at the theater. Update: "Patch Adams" starring Robin Williams is a must see... fun, laughter and tears... Two thumbs up!

January 20th Wednesday -- International Night - 6:00 p.m. at the Los Azteca on West Broadway. Update: It was a packed house and a lot o' fun.

January 21st Thursday -- Membership Meeting and ID Program - 7:00 p.m. at the Jaycee Clubhouse. (Bring cat or dog food) Note this is NOT a carry in dinner. Update: Cindy of the Gibson County Animal Services put on an excellent program. Over 100 pounds of dog food was collected and we contributed $45.00 to help save one special dog's life.

January 22nd Friday -- Awards & Installation Banquet - 6:30 p.m. at the Elks. Update: JD was sworn in and many well deserved awards were presented.

January 23rd Saturday -- Scavenger Hunt & Carry In Dinner 5:30 p.m. eat, 7:00 p.m. scavenge, at the Jaycee Clubhouse (bring a covered dish with food in it) Update: The food was great. The winning Scavenger Hunt Team was the "Go Go Girls" consisting of Patty Wildt, Carlee Whitledge and Nora Mae Amis. Great job girls!

It has been a tradition for many years that on Saturday of Jaycee Week we have a carry-in dinner followed by a scavenger hunt. I have listed below some of the possible items that may (or may not) be on this years list. I hope this is helpful and we hope to see you on Saturday, January 23, 1999 at the clubhouse.

The Proposed Princeton Jaycees Scavenger Hunt List for 1999

1. Moldy bread, to be eaten in front of the judge. (20 points)

2. A non-aquatic animal living underwater during the judging. (No credit if animal dies.) (10 points)

3. Signatures of a Nobel laureate (25 points, no points without solid proof)

4. A Thing. (2 points)

5. Popcorn flavored jellybean. (2 points)

6. A paper place mat or takeout menu from any Chinese restaurant in Patoka, IN. (10 points)

7. The oldest dated flyer on the Wal-Mart bulletin board. (15 points to one team)

8. A sterilized person (with proof). (35 points)

9. Prostitution license from Nevada. (30 points)

10. A diploma from a clown college. (20 points)

11. A team member carrying another team member dressed as a horse. (7 points)

12. A team member who has shaved off their eyebrows. (10 points)

13. A fully functional Soviet military aircraft (we suggest a MIG). (1,999.99 points)

14. An item from any University stating that they are better than Oakland City University (5 points)

15. A clock going backwards. (5 points)

16. A Grayville, IL White Pages. (25 points)

17. The oldest LIVING former PCHS Band member you can find. Proof of age required. (1 point per year over 50)

18. A souvenir from the Gibson County Jail. (5 points)

19. A fully functional bell at least four feet in diameter. (30 points)

20. Hillary Rodham's high-school yearbook picture. (20 points)

21. A 1 lb. living goldfish. (16 points)

22. A team member with a pierced lip or belly button. (5 points for either OR 13 points for both)

23. A magnet capable of lifting 25lbs (5 points)

24. A cockroach more than 2 inches long. (5 points +15 bonus points if you put it down your pants)

25. A chastity belt. (17 points)

26. Someone who has appeared in an episode of America's Most Wanted (with proof). (5 points)

27. Who is the better captain---Kirk or Picard---and why. (3 points)

28. A packet of astronaut ice cream. (3 points)

29. Two people fighting in full armor for the judges. (10 points)

30. A team member to read the list of ingredients in a Twinkie with two Twinkies in his/her mouth. (10 points)

31. A cricket uniform/costume. (18 points)

32. A safety card from Pan Am Airlines. (5 points)

33. What is the weight capacity of the elevator in the courthouse? (15 points)

34. A live polar bear. (125 points)

35. A city councilman with ID to eat a worm (must be a real earthworm). (20 points +5 bonus points if it is longer than five inches)

36. A speeding ticket from Canada. (55 points)

37. A magic trick to be performed in front of judges. (2 points +1 point bonus if it is good)

38. A homemade still. (4 points +2 points if it works)

39. A team theme song (to be performed). Must have lyrics and be accompanied. (4 points)

40. An unopened carton of milk with expiration date sometime during last month. (30 points)

41. A fight to the death. (10 points)

42. A flock of live sheep (3 or more) with a JCI Senator as a shepherd. (15 points)

43. A raft made of logs and rope suitable for use by Huck Finn. (80 points)

44. Get recruitment papers and poster from a Panamanian armed forces recruitment center. (18 points)

45. A team member to start a fire with flint and steel. (10 points)

46. An Italian (bring proof) shaving HIS legs in front of the judge. Must shave up to mid thigh. (8 points)

47. A surfboard. (19 points)

48. A team member to walk on stilts. (1 point per foot elevation, 12 points max)

49. Letter from Mayor George wishing your team (specifically) luck. (10 points)

50. A bed of nails with someone lying on it. (15 points)

51. A white male who can dunk a basketball. (10 points +3 bonus points if he shoots a three pointer right after)

52. A rabbi. (25 points +30 bonus points if he can dunk OR +5 bonus points if he tries)

53. A rubber chicken. (9 points +150 bonus points if it can dunk a basketball without help)

54. Identical twins. (15 points OR 10 points if they are dressed alike)

55. Any comic strip with a homosexual character in it. (8 points)

56. A team member who is an ordained minister with proof. (12 points)

57. A full-sized tow truck towing another full-sized tow truck. (125 points)

58. Bring in a local TV or radio station to cover the Scavenger Hunt. (60 points for local +50 bonus points for national)

59. A full-sized waterbed filled with grape Jell-O. (36 points)

60. A dog whistle. (5 points for whistle +3 bonus points for dog that obeys whistle signals)

61. Item to be announced during the judging. (10 points)

62. What are both kinds of music? (1 point)

63. A quarter minted for each year in the last twenty years. (20.25 points)

64. Enough helium balloons to lift a person. (We want to see a person being lifted by helium filled balloons.) (99 points)

65. Shoes in every size from 5 to 15. (You only need full sizes) (20 points)

66. A fully functional anvil. (60 points) Quoits. (4 points)

67. Canned sunshine. (6 points)

68. A living cactus taller than 3 feet. (9 points for cactus, 10 points for a person who will slap it)

69. A person to stare without blinking or smiling at a supplied picture for 1.5 minutes. (14 points)

70. A Thai phrase translated into Russian. (11 points)

71. A chain of paper clips going continuously around the courthouse. (100 points)

72. What is the lowest phone number on a pay phone in the Lakeview Truck stop? (5 points)

73. Obtain a log from the Log Inn (10 points)

74. What is your favorite color? (1 point)

75. A package of marshmallows to be blown up a team member's personal microwave. (Bring the microwave and anything else you'll need) (20 points)

76. Get a paper place mat from the White River Inn in Hazleton, IN (15 points)

77. A model of the Princeton Theatre made entirely of croutons. (20 points)

78. Shakespeare performed in the original Klingon. (30 points)

79. A packet of "Extra Small" condoms. (5 points)

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