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One dark night, at a meeting of the Jaycees, you hear about a Jaycee project. The project is called, "The Great BBQ." You think to yourself, "This project makes my skin and my hair stand on end!"

Nudging your best friend, you say, "Wow, that has to be the est project of all time." However, your mission is clear. You and must chair this project! says, "Are you nuts? People will think we are completely !"

Yet, with visions of fame in your eyes you say, "I can see it now! We will receive the Jaycees Project of the Year Award. They'll give us a ticker tape parade through the streets of . This is our chance! You can spend the rest of your life ing if you want, but I know we can do this!"

You see a sly smile spread across the face of your good friend who says, "" -- and then off you both go.

To earn that parade through the streets of , you and complete a Chairman's Planning Guide. You form a committee. You activate all your members then -- WHAM -- out of nowhere a hits you on the back of the head. You open your eyes to discover it's all been a dream.

However, there is a note next to your bed.

It reads: "The Great BBQ is the silliest project you ever attempted -- and was only going to help you because of your great friendship. But in days or less you will get an idea for a much more exciting Jaycee project -- one that you, and all the members of the Jaycees can be proud of. However, you will only get this idea if you send the link to this site, to at least 10 other Jaycees within the next minutes. The more Jaycees to whom you send it, the sooner your idea will become a reality -- and the sooner you will get your ticker tape parade in downtown ! Do not take this warning lightly, because if you ignore this charge, you will have bad luck with your next Jaycee projects!"

The End.

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